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Wheelchair Accessibility

All PRTC buses are wheelchair-accessible and have designated Priority Seating. Wheelchair passengers can board buses at any regular stop. For OmniLink local buses, passengers may call ahead to arrange off-route service at locations up to ¾ mile off a standard route. Even when boarding at a regular bus stop, customers should call in advance, as each bus can only accommodate two wheelchairs.

Priority Seating

To accommodate the special needs of mobility-impaired passengers "Priority Seating" has been designated on every bus. PRTC's Priority Seating Policy is as follows:

  • The first row of seats on all buses has been signed in red lettering designating seats for passengers with disabilities and for elderly customers.
  • Priority seats are intended to serve persons who are permanently or temporarily disabled. As proof of eligibilty, these passengers may be certified by a physician and then issued a "Priority Seating Permit" by PRTC. Permit holders have seating preference over non-permit holders.
  • Passengers who do not hold a permit and are occupying a seat in the Priority Seating area may be asked by the bus operator or conductor to either move to another seat or stand so that a boarding permit holder may be seated.
  • Passengers entitled to priority seating may choose to sit or stand in any passenger location, and forgo the priority seating.

For your convenience, Priority Seating Permits are available for those with long-term, temporary or permanent mobility impairment. To apply for a permit, call Customer Service at (703) 730-6664 or send an email to The application may also be downloaded online.

Hearing Impaired

Hearing impaired individuals may contact PRTC through the Virginia Relay Center - TDD at 711.

Access to Regional Transportation

People with disabilities have access to a variety of transportation options throughout the Washington metropolitan area. A comprehensive directory of the regional transit services is available for download.


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