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Bus Advertising

The exteriors of all PRTC buses have space for advertising. Interior advertising is not available. The large OmniRide commuter buses that travel along the I-95 and I-66 corridor can display:

  • Two queen-sized ads
  • Two king-sized ads
  • Two ultra king--sized ads
  • Two ultra super king-sized ads
  • Fullback (entire back) ad -- only some buses
  • Full (entire bus) wrap


Local OmniLink buses that travel throughout Dale City, Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Dumfries, Quantico, Manassas and Manassas Park can display:


  • Two queen-sized ads
  • One mini taillight ad
  • Fullback (entire back) ad 
  • Full (entire bus) wrap

For ad rates and space availability, contact:
(202) 775-9115

Any OUTFRONT Media Sales Representative can answer your questions about pricing and space availability. 

PRTC's advertising guideliens can be viewed here.



Overview of Ad Dimensions:

King – 30”H x 144”W


Ultra King-Size -- Size varies dependingon bus model (from just below windows to the bottom of the bus)


Ultra Super King -- Size varies depending on bus model (from roofline to bottom of bus)



Mini Taillight – 18 ” H x 50 ”W


Fullback - Configured for each different bus models



Full Wrap – entire bus



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