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Rider Spotlight

Each month, PRTC shines a light on one of our passengers to learn why that person chooses to ride public transportation, how long he or she has been using PRTC’s services and what we can do to improve that person’s commute. Check out this month’s Rider Spotlight below.


"[Wheels-to-Wellness] makes it a lot easier for me, and I hope it stays around for a long time."


Kelly Kalles

Customer Profile - March 2015



Because of visual impairments, Kelly Kalles does not drive and cannot use public transportation. She relies on cabs when she needs to run errands, and on kind friends who regularly provide her with rides to church and choir practice.


So when she learned about the Wheels-to-Wellness program in early 2014, she knew it could make a difference in her life.


Ms. Kalles primarily uses the Wheels-to-Wellness program to attend weekly counseling sessions in Manassas – a trip that would cost her $80 round-trip if she had to pay the full cost herself.


If Wheels-to-Wellness didn’t exist, “I would have to get people to drive me, which is very, very hard,” she said, adding that she likes to maintain her independence as much as possible.


In order to save as much of her monthly Wheels-to-Wellness as possible for those Manassas trips, Ms. Kalles chooses to pay for other cab rides to local doctors out of her own pocket.


“[Wheels-to-Wellness] makes it a lot easier for me, and I hope it stays around for a long time,” she said.





Interested in having your story spotlighted? There’s no minimum time that you must have been riding with PRTC! As long as you ride with us at least occasionally and are willing to submit a photo, you qualify! If you’d like to be featured in Rider Spotlight, contact Christine Rodrigo at (703) 583-7782 or at


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