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Rider Spotlight

Each month, PRTC shines a light on one of our passengers to learn why that person chooses to ride public transportation, how long he or she has been using PRTC’s services and what we can do to improve that person’s commute. Check out this month’s Rider Spotlight below.


Mr. Diulu uses OmniLink and Cross County Connector buses to travel to school and work.


Arthur Tshituka Diulu

Customer Profile - April 2015



OmniLink and the Cross County Connector help Arthur Tshituka Diulu get to school and work five days a week.


Mr. Duilu, who lives in Dale City, has been riding PRTC buses for about one year. He regularly rides on weekdays to go to his job in Manassas and attend classes two days a week at Northern Virginia Community College’s Woodbridge campus.


While he thinks the bus service is good overall, Mr. Diulu wishes that the buses ran more frequently. Waiting an hour for the Cross County Connector or 45 minutes for the next OmniLink bus is inconvenient for passengers, he said. And because he has to arrange for someone to give him a ride to and from his Manassas area job on Saturdays, he also would like to see the Cross County Connector offer Saturday service.


He also had a learning experience one day when he fed a $20 bill into the farebox intending to put only a portion of it on his SmarTrip card; he didn’t realize that he couldn’t get change. While he understands that passengers can get change at the PRTC Transit Center, he said he’s not always at PRTC when catching the bus and wishes that operators could make change.


The first time he rode with PRTC, a helpful Woodbridge OmniLink operator dropped him off at the Chinn Center and explained that he needed to catch a Dale City OmniLink bus.


“I use it regularly now,” Mr. Diulu said.





Interested in having your story spotlighted? There’s no minimum time that you must have been riding with PRTC! As long as you ride with us at least occasionally and are willing to submit a photo, you qualify! If you’d like to be featured in Rider Spotlight, contact Christine Rodrigo at (703) 583-7782 or at


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