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Posted 08/17/2017

We’re Listening!

PRTC regularly surveys its passengers to assess how we’re doing. But once the survey is complete, you may wonder what we do with that information. That’s why, over the next several weeks, we want to publicly address the top three concerns that were noted on the most recent June 2017 survey.

The number one topic of concern on that survey was Service Operations. You wanted to know what we’re doing to make sure buses arrive and depart on time, reduce passenger overcrowding, and improve the general operation of all routes.

Here’s how we are addressing those issues:

  • PRTC staff members are riding routes daily to experience the service first-hand and speak with customers.
  • When we notice that a trip is consistently overcrowded, we are adding service – particularly on Fridays – so passengers can have a more comfortable commute.
  • Routes that consistently arrive early or run late are being retimed so passengers can rely on the arrival times. Updated arrival and departure times will take effect at the next service change in December.
  • We’re reassessing which OmniRide commuter trips are paired – with one bus serving passengers on an early rush hour trip and then making a second trip later in that same rush hour – to ensure there’s sufficient time between trips for the buses to start the second trip on time. Any changes will take effect in December.
  • All routes are being analyzed to ensure our resources are being used efficiently and where they are most needed. For example, at the December service change we’ll once again adjust the frequency of trips so buses don’t get bunched together. This also reduces overcrowding and helps improve on-time performance.

In short, we’re reconsidering every aspect of how we put buses on the road in order to better serve you!

Thanks to all who participated in the June survey. We value your assessments and comments because we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next We’re Listening message, where we’ll tackle another important topic of concern from the most recent survey.

Note: The second We’re Listening message addresses the condition of PRTC buses. Read it now.

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