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Posted 09/26/2017

We’re Listening!

PRTC is publicly addressing the top three concerns that were noted on the June 2017 passenger survey. In our last message, we talked about the efforts underway to improve Service Operations.

This week we’ll address another concern that was frequently mentioned on the survey: Bus Conditions. You wanted to know what we’re doing to make sure buses are operating properly and are clean – inside and out. Here’s how we are addressing your concerns:

  • Since the summer of 2016, 18 new PRTC buses have been put into service: five OmniRide buses, seven Metro Direct buses, and six OmniLink buses.
  • Older buses in the fleet are being overhauled. When a bus is about half-way through its expected lifespan, it gets a complete makeover including a new engine, transmission, suspension system, brakes, and seats. A revamped bus is more reliable for passengers and is a cost-effective way for PRTC to meet ridership demands.
  • Preventive maintenance is performed on buses regularly. PRTC conducts an internal audit to ensure maintenance is done properly, and also has three external audits annually to verify the work. 
  • Bus operators are required to inspect their vehicles – inside and out – before the buses are driven off the bus yard. This is to ensure buses are operating properly and all features are in working order. If a problem is found, it’s noted for repair and, if necessary, a different vehicle is assigned to the route.
  • All buses are driven through the bus wash (which looks like a giant automatic car wash) about every other day, weather permitting, for exterior cleaning. We recently increased the water pressure in the bus wash to make it more effective.
  • All bus floors are mopped daily. Once a week, all buses undergo a deep cleaning including seats and windows.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe, reliable, comfortable commute, and we will continue looking for ways to improve the condition of the buses.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next We’re Listening message, where we’ll tackle another important topic of concern from the most recent survey.

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